Sunday, May 8, 2011

Elections 2011.

The elections are over. I think Singaporeans will go back to their normally apathetic selves(ironic isn't it). Well, I am Pro-PAP & being in Tanjong Pagar GRC means I'm forever under PAP. Call me a sheep,follower, whatever but I am perfectly happy with them ruling the GRC. After reading Xueyao's blog post, I got inspired & I have a few things to say.

  • I wish Singaporeans weren't so resentful. Yes, the overspending in YOG is an issue that needs investigation on since its taxpayer's money. Housing is getting so expensive, it seems like we can't afford it at this rate. There are so many problems that we as Singaporeans had encountered in these past few years. But is this the reason why we have to vote out a very good minister because we were angry/resentful over such issues?
    Shouldn't you have voted for a change in the future? Voted for the party that will promise you something better, something different which would be beneficial to you?
    If you voted for the above reasons. Good for you. But if you voted blindly for the opposition party because you were angry that the ruling party had done this & this in the past without careful consideration of what the opposition party had to offer, then I had to say. I wish you weren't so reckless because my future could be compromised because of your recklesness & pettiness.
  • People need to stop supporting opposition parties just because PAP has been "arrogant"/"cocky".
    I agree with what Xueyao had said, if they had done a good job, wouldn't it be natural that they become what people would see as "arrogant". & one thing you cannot deny, PAP has done a good job. We had bounced back so rapidly after the recent financial crisis. In fact, not just the recent one, but also several other crises that we had faced in the past. We have a low crime rate. I can walk on the street without worrying about getting shot in the head. Yes, they had mistakes, but who said anything about them being perfect? & how can they please everybody when they are only human.
    Some of these opposition parties have ridiculous policies that are obviously just words to appeal with the people. But if you implement them, there are so many other numerous factors that come into play that would negate whatever beneficial effect that is supposed to help the people.

    -6.50 min wage: It can alleviate the problem of widening income gap. But it will also cause inflation. Now who will suffer the most with inflation?
    -Cutting costs of housing by not carrying out upgrading programmes & not building facilities. LIKE WHAT THE FUCK?!
    - 100B for healthcare using our reserves. Reserves from our healthy surpluses can be used. But they are called reserves for a reason. They are kept to help Singapore when we meet unexpected crises(Like the recent financial crisis). & if you have to cut down GST further, then where will we get money to pay for so many things( Defence, Transport, Education...). Unless you collect more tax... $$$ don't fall from the sky you know.
  • I hope my generation would grow up. Some of the words & things I see on twitter. It's just...SO SELFISH & NAIVE. I'm not saying I am all mature & giving and everything ( I can be very naive/selfish at times too.) But some of the things I see online... I don't even know what to say. It's sad that we spend so much on education and still have people who think,speak & act like that. I hope that 5years, or 10years later when we all become legal voters. our mindsets would have change for the better. We would all see things in a different point of view & be intelligent voters.
End of rant. I think PAP's loss in Aljunied & Hougang may be good in a sense that they would reflect on what they have done. & Worker's Party being one of the most estabilished opposition parties around could mean that they would bring about a positive change to our political landscape. But we have lost an exceptional foreign minister who have done so much to maintain our ties with the other countries & ensuring our national security.
Isn't it our time to reflect too?

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