Sunday, March 20, 2011


Back from xiaolongbaooysteromeletteguancaibanbubbleteaxxlchicken TAIWAN + dimsumwantonmeedessertsgalorepolobun HONGKONG.

My loot. Seems pathetically little because:
a) I spent 50percent of my money on food. I think I am slightly rounder around the edges
b) I dunno where some of my purchases went to...
c) I was in a fuckingfantistically bad mood because of my awesome hormones. There were so many things I wanted to buy but because I feel amazingly shitty, I just wasn't in any mood to spend money.
d) Packed schedule=barely anytime to shop=need for impulse buys. I'm the MOST FICKLE person you'll ever meet (Ask Sihua, my cousins,my mum...) so I ended up not going on a crazy spending spree like how my cousins did ( Bottega Veneta wallets, ten tubes of hair waxes, boots, coats...list is scarily endless)

So much regret that I didn't buy what I want :(

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