Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Been toying with the idea of getting inked. But I want to get something really meaningful. Something that I will always love and not regret since a tattoo is a perma thing. Maybe the time is not ripe yet but I've got a few ideas in my head. Just gonna stick with idea of seeing whether I still like the tattoo design at the end of 2-3years. Long wait but only time would tell if it's really worth it,no?

I love the positions of the tattoos in the above picture. Wrists/ neck/arm/back tattoos For The Win. But I don't get why people get a tattoo on the back. You can't get to appreciate what you undergo pain to get, which kinda sucks to me. (Just my own personal view on that's all!)


  1. Neck tatoo above is fucking hot

  2. It's Freja beha Ericssen!! The girl below is her too!