Friday, March 25, 2011


Yes it's time for voting, but my sudden obsession with wearing all white has nothing to do with my political preferences.It just seem so simple, so effortless and truthfully, I am sick of seeing black everywhere. There are days that I just wanna wear loads and loads of black because that's what my mood is but being in an all white ensemble has a refreshing feel to it! I like how you can look like a rocker while still clad in white+lace!!
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But at the same time, I'm always obsessed with wearing clothes that are crazy colourful. I have clothes of almost every colour and these clothes below just take things even further. Why wear only all black when you can be fuckingcrazy+colourful !!!!!!!!
(Those Christopher Kane galaxy dresses are to die for. I love galaxy pictures, as seen on my blog/phone background. He actually combines the pictures together with structural mini-dresses and pairs them with cute furry heels. One word. "DROOL".)

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