Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Like today.I have no idea why but everyone seems to be fucking annoying and irritating the shit out of me. My nephew (as usual) asks waaaaaaaayyyyyy too much questions for a 6year old. I'm really so tempted to lock him out. My brother is always on my nerves so its nothing new. My uncle's know-it-all manner is just extra annoying today & my auntie who did NOTHING to me still annoyed me. Fuck I must have a problem somewhere or something.

Don't you hate it when you're feeling highly irritable and someone asks you "What's wrong with you?"
This question is probably the last question you should ask anyone if that person looks irritated. I'm pretty sure if I have a face that says "SHE'S INNA FUCKING BAD MOOD", it's obvious I'm feeling grumpy/cranky/annoyed. I blame all the crankiness on my lack of sleep.

On a side note, I have so many fucking zits & I don't even know why.FUCK?

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