Monday, July 4, 2011

So bad but so so good.

Back to what I call  my "Nasty Lifestyle". Took a hiatus from it in mid June but I'M BACK TO IT AGAIN.
Terrible sleeping patterns, late nights. Mix in work, rushing around giving tuition, excessive use of internet late into the night. I predict myself falling sick again soon.
& the fact I spend too much $$$$$ on what many people may see as a total waste of money. I'm pretty sure I may start regretting it at the end of the month but at least I'm having fun now.
3 or 4 years ago, I didn't see myself actually enjoying such a lifetsyle. In fact, I was pretty sure I condemned it.

But now that I'm older & I know better, I know that I shouldn't really diss anything until I try it. I also learn over the past few years that I shouldn't ever say "I'll never do....." because so often we end up doing things that we said we'll "NEVER" do & become the kind of people we swore we'll never become. It's the same with me choosing NJC. & also the same with what I've been doing now.
But it's okay.

I forgive my younger self because we were all so young & naive & idiotic & ignorant back then.

My current attitude towards life : 
  • Do whatever you want & fuck the rest. (but remember to exercise self-control)
  • Try everything.
  • Stop over-thinking & dwelling on things that don't even matter.
  • Have an open mind & an open heart towards anything.
& well, just be FREE.
Entering university in less than a month. In fact, WKWSCIFOC'11 starts next week.Kinda feeling excited but also slightly nervous cause it's a whole new environment with loads of new people!
Note to self:

  1. Be more approachable + friendly
  2. Stop being so judgemental.

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