Friday, July 1, 2011


I've always been this huuuuuuuuuuge nerd. I read encyclopedias for fun when I was a kid. I watch documentaries on cable TV when I'm bored. My ambition when I was a kid was to become an archaeologist! This was before I become obsessed with all things related to fashion, but really, I'm still a geek at ♥.

I'm also a believer of conspiracies.  Like I kinda still think Osama Bin laden is still alive & that it's all a big cover-up by the American Government. Call me delusional/crazy/paranoid..... but I always like the idea of huge conspiracies.

So when I started to watch this series.....
 I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
I've watched so many episodes(up until season 2). That's the most I've watched for ANY series in the past 2 months. I've been having this attention deficit...problem where I can't seem to be interested enough to finish watching ANYTHING. Korean dramas that I used to love to watch all seem draggy to me.I just don't have the interest for any of these dramas anymore.

But ancient aliens is soooooooooo different. Because it's kind of like giving a deduction of what all the ancient text, literature,paintings, landmarks in the world mean. & with their theories, make me rethink about how humans came about.

Essentially, the theory about ancient aliens is that all these "Gods" that all ancient civilisation & religions we worship now are actually aliens.....or extremely intelligent life forms from another planet. These celestial beings (or aliens) are always depicted to be coming down from the Heavens where they teach Man to do certain things that bring about human civilisation & progress. 
It's a similarity in nearly all of the legends/myths/stories that we have from the ancient times. It's fascinating how all the religions in the world today have such a similarity.
I mean why can't Gods & deities from the ancient times be from....under the sea????

Why must all these deities stated in almost all religions & ancient myths be from the Heavens????????

The Ancient Aliens also includes the theory that modern  Homo Sapiens are around because of interbreeding with aliens...or due to genetic engineering on humans by these advanced E.T beings. This kind of explains the Missing Link for humans. 
So far, we do not have enough evidence to conclude that we evolved from Apes. there is still a large chunk of Homo Sapiens' developmental history missing. & somehow, humans' brain size tripled within a span of...a few thousand years & became an intelligent species within a very short time. In terms of Darwin's Theory of Natural Selection (which I briefly studied in SH2), evolution takes many thousands of years & needs many factors to be involved.
So how Homo Sapiens came about is pretty much a big question mark because we evolved so much in such a short time.

I was a skeptic before I started watching the series. But now I believe this. I mean....what's so wrong with believing aliens actually came here. Isn't science all about looking at all the possibilities and asking all the questions & being curios about everything???? Anything in this world is possible. So why not having aliens as ancestors be possible?

If you have actually read through my semi essay. WOW YOU DESERVE A ROUND OF APPLAUSE.
But nonetheless,
GO WATCH THE SERIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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