Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Midnight Rants {itstimeforquotes08}


"Today isn't just another day. Today I will create something beautiful."
I've been doing a few projects currently. I have finished the shredded-back tee. & I've also finished my spine tee. Upload pictures soon maybe? Currently working on a cheap tote my mum got for me from Bangkok. It will involve loads of felt blood,red threads and needles. Fun stuff.

It's weird how inspired I am lately.Maybe I'm not inspired, I'm just suddenly more proactive and getting my lazy ass moving to doing something.

Every time I D-I-Y, I'll just go into this trance-like stage where nothing else matters other than getting a perfect finished product.
It's therapeutic in a way because I just escape my thoughts & worries. All the rubbish shit that happened would be forgotten when I focus on pulling that seam or sewing the felt.& I also get an awesome finished product to wear/use proudly at the end of the day.

"Atelophobia: The fear of imperfection;of not being enough."
I'm such a perfectionist sometimes. I just drive myself crazy with my pursue of perfection.

Nobody's perfect.That I know. But I want to be as close to perfection as possible. It's tiring. & you know what the worst thing. The thought of never being good enough even though you've tried so hard. But what is your personal standards of being "good enough" anyway. Everyone has different standards for this. & I have a realised that whatever standards of "perfection" I'm always trying to achieve isn't exactly what others may accept/appreciate.

My teacher once explained the concept of "being alone".
There is actually a difference in this concept.
You could be in solitude, where you feel content with being alone. You enjoy doing your own things, being independent and just spending time by yourself thinking, working...
But you could also be lonely. & we all know how that feels.

Sucks that I'm kinda stuck in between.

{Hmmmmmmmmm, I need to clear my mind. To many useless, redundant thoughts. Maybe I should take up meditation. But I can't sit still without falling asleep. Okay, maybe I should just do my D.I.Y Projects. Hmmmmmmm}

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